Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Townspeople no longer offers Housing Navigation Services. Please contact 211.

It depends. Our team reviews these inquiries on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your Medical Case Manager for more information.

Unfortunately, Townspeople is unable to offer you any services. Please contact 211 for other resources.

Emergency Housing

Yes, but availability is extremely limited. You may contact the Emergency Housing Coordinator at (619) 295-8802 x 117 to see if those funds are available.

You will require a medical case manager to provide the referral packet to Townspeople’s Emergency Housing Program though HOPWA or HOPWA CARES. Contact 211 to see what medical case management services are the closest to you.

If your check out date is more than a year old, you may qualify for Emergency Housing given that you behaved according to the program guidelines.

The assistance is limited to one time a year, regardless of how long the stay was. There are no exceptions.

There are no extensions available for the Emergency Housing program. Please contact your medical case manager to arrange for other plans to extend your stay or ensure your housing plan is updated.

Townspeople works exclusively with the Travel Time Motel. If you are banned from the motel due to prior incidents, you will not be able to enroll in our Emergency Housing program. Contact your Medical Case Manager to see what other programs you may qualify for.

You do not need a Social Security Number to be able to access our Emergency Housing services. You will need a Picture ID for both the Application and Motel Check-In

Permanent Housing

Yes, most of Townspeople’s properties do not require vouchers.

Yes, unless you have a recent violent felony on your record, past evictions are not taken into consideration.

You will need to be accessing resources in the city to certify that you have been homeless within city limits.

Since Townspeople’s properties work alongside the SDHC, being unable to access their services will disqualify you from Townspeople’s long-term housing programs.

You will need to provide the following: a valid picture ID, social security card for all household members, birth certificates for any minors, and either diagnosis letter or DD214 . Please ensure that these documents are always available readily.

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