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Know why he is peeking at you?

He is trying to “eye spy” our donors– those generous  people who think we are awesome enough to give us some money. Of course, they don’t really do it for us. They do it because we help people, even youngsters like this, find a safe, stable and affordable home. What do you think? Will he eye spy you donating?

No child should be homeless

It’s hard to understand how the greatest nation on earth got to a place where kids like the ones pictured on this page go homeless or hungry.

This is indefensible, and undeniably heartbreaking. But it doesn’t have to happen. In the past two years, Townspeople has helped hundreds of families with children stay housed or return to housing from the streets.  Special stimulus money provided the funding to help make that happen. Unfortunately, those funds are now spent with no chance for renewal, and there is still so much more to do.

If you are able,we would appreciate your support. They would too.

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