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Townspeople currently owns 118 units of deeply affordable housing for previously homeless individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS or special needs. 85% of our residents have achieved stability living in their homes for one year or more.

We strive to manage and operate affordable housing, supportive services, and emergency housing for people with special needs to achieve stability and self-sufficiency. To learn about our outcomes in each program, please read below.

Housing Operations
  • Assist a minimum of 72 extremely low-income HIV/AIDS-eligible households in establishing and/or maintaining stable housing. 100% achieved outcome
  • Provide the necessary operational support and asset management services to maintain required Housing Quality Standards (HQS) required by HUD for all units and properties funded in whole or in part by HOPWA housing operations resources. 100% achieved outcome
  • Ensure that each property is operated in a fiscally responsible, transparent and cost-effective manner. 100% achieved outcome
Emergency Housing
  • Provide a minimum of 120 households with a maximum of 30 nights emergency housing assistance, for a possible total of 3,600 bed nights. 120% achieved outcome
  • Collaborate with other providers to successfully transition 120 households into more stable housing as identified in their Client Plan. 120% achieved outcome
Supportive Services
  • Assist 111 households in retaining stable housing for a year or more. 98.2% achieved outcome
  • Assist 85 individuals living with HIV/AIDS to experience measurable improvement in self-identified areas of concern, including but not limited to health, employment, income, education, family relationships, social supports, spiritual supports, transportation, mental health, substance abuse, etc. 100% achieved outcome

To see more of our outcomes click here.

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