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For more than three decades Townspeople has provided housing and supportive care to clients and residents. This experience has reinforced the knowledge that special needs populations, and particularly homeless individuals and families, require a rich array of support services to help them maintain stable housing, achieve a quality of life, and self-determination and self-sufficiency.

Townspeople properties offer households who are homeless, an opportunity to live in a community with full access to services that will meet their specific needs, while encouraging independence and growth. Townspeople offers different levels of support, depending on the service needs of the individual or family. Townspeople communities offer individuals an opportunity thrive and flourish in an environment that offers a variety of levels of support. Services will be offered through a coordinated effort among the owner, property management staff, on-site service staff, and the tenants themselves – ensuring a healthy living environment for all tenants.

The overall philosophy of service delivery at Vista del Puente will focus on helping tenants to maximize their ability to live independently. The service philosophy is based on providing compassionate, individualized, voluntary services designed to help tenants meet their own goals for self-sufficiency and self-determination.

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