Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

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We hope to help all individuals & families live independently and we recognize that housing is the first step in this journey.

In terms of housing affordability, the San Diego area ranks as one of the country’s least affordable housing markets. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD):

  • Of all low-income renter households, 26% are cost burdened & 39% are severely cost burdened.
  • Of all low-income homeowner households, nearly a quarter (22%) are cost burdened & over a third (37%) are severely cost burdened.
  • There are approximately 46,000 affordable and available units in San Diego County; an additional 143,800 affordable rental units are needed to meet demand.
  • The waitlist for public housing choice voucher applicants contains 91,644 families as of 2018 and the expected wait for each applicant is approximately ten to twelve years.

Townspeople’s mission is to finance, build, manage and operate affordable housing and supportive services for people with special needs to achieve stability and self-sufficiency. Our four properties located throughout San Diego provide housing to 110 households – 142 of which are adults and 56 children. We are proud to know we’ve supported these San Diegans in evading homelessness.


Individuals/Households needs to experience —

  • homelessness and/or on the verge

and one or more of the following —

  • Low-Income
  • Veteran
  • Physical disability
  • Mental disability
  • Substance-abuse
  • HIV/AIDs



Click here for application information.

To apply for additional low income housing, please visit the SDHC Rental Assistance Wait List Portal.

For information on how to use a Section 8 Voucher please visit GoSection8.

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