Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

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Townspeople will provide affordable housing to residents with an array of services and support for individuals who need supportive services to live independently. While each tenant’s individual needs may vary, all will have access to support to address these basic needs:

  1. Retain housing
  2. Improve health
  3. Maximize abilityto live independently
  4. Receive substance use treatment if needed/desired
  5. Employment opportunities/vocational training if possible

We work with Case managers to tailor each housing and service plan to the client’s individual needs. All services will be available to each resident. Each client, in conjunction with the program specific services tendered, works with a Case Manager to develop an Individual Service Plan (ISP). The ISP focuses on continued housing stability and creates a work/service plan for identifying, securing and maintaining affordable housing, and social supports to assist with any special needs, identification and application for any available benefits and/or rental subsidies key to their ability to establishing and maintaining permanent housing. The ISP is collaboratively developed with all members of the household. Its focus is on short term and long term goals for the individual or family and may include: budgeting education, credit repair, referral to and assistance with accessing other benefit programs the household may be eligible for, review of education opportunities, and connection to job development for those that are able to work.
To apply for low income housing please visit

To inquire about where you are on the wait list, please call 619-578-7640.

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