HIV/AIDS Housing

HIV/AIDS Housing

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Since its establishment, Townspeople has embodied the notion that Housing is Health.

In 1984 a group of friends and concerned citizens in San Diego joined together to help those in their community with the novel disease affecting  many Americans at the time – HIV/AIDS. Witnessing their fellow community members fight an unknown disease while their financial obligations of mortgages, rent, and medical care and treatments multiplied, this group formed Townspeople and their ultimate mission was to provide housing.

An individual’s ability to remain stably housed impacts every aspect of their life, which includes their health and wellbeing. This is particularly true among individuals and families of individuals living with HIV/AIDS.


  • HIV/AIDs Diagnosis
  • Homelessness or on the verge
  • Low-Income



For our Emergency Housing services, please click here.

For our Affordable Housing Services, please click here.

For additional resources, follow the links to these housing resources.

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